Darul Arqam Dasar PK IMM UM Jambi 2020 Inviting the Jambi Police Chief as a Speaker

Jum’at (06/11/2020), Chairman of the Commissariat of the Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM) Muhammadiyah Jambi University carries out Darul Arqam Dasar activities (DAD) with the theme "Creating Great Bond cadres and leaders, To be responsible, Creative, and Able to Think Critically in Various Conditions. "

Darul Arqam itself is the main cadre activity of the first level of the three cadre levels, and serve as a forum to introduce IMM to students who were not previously familiar with IMM.

The activity which is located in the campus hall of the Muhammadiyah Jambi University was attended by more or less 52 the participant, and invited the Jambi Police Chief, Mr. Inspector General. Pol. Drs. Firman Santyabudi, M.Si. as a speaker about BHABINKAMTIBMAS, and was also attended by the Jambi Police Dirintelkam Mr. Kombes Pol. Bondan Witjaksono, STYLISH, MH and the Head of Jambi Police, Kombes Pol. Dover Christian and the Chairperson of the PAC Muhammadiyah Student Association.

The event was opened by Mr. Dr. Nurdin, S.E., M.E. as the Chancellor of the Muhammadiyah Jambi University. "Thank you to the Chief of Police and the Chief of Police for agreeing to attend the Darul Arqam Dasar event today., I am proud of IMM UM Jambi who can invite the Kapolda and Kapolresta to today's event. Hopefully IMM can produce the best cadres and can contribute to developing the campus and Indonesia. This activity has also gone through the permission of the Covid team so it is hoped that together we can follow the course of the event while adhering to health protocols,"Said UM Jambi Rector.
Then proceed with remarks by the Head of the IMM UM Jambi Commissariat and the delivery of material by the Jambi Police Chief.
In his material, he conveyed that the recipe for being a smart person is to always remember death. "That everyone is a leader, at least we are leaders for ourselves. We as humans must live honestly and trustfully, and always remember death. Because intelligent humans are humans who always remember death,"Said the Jambi Police Chief in the middle of the material session he delivered.

"Hopefully with the implementation of the Darul Arqam Dasar activities 2020 this, IMM UM Jambi cadres can become responsible human beings, creative, and be able to think critically about the social phenomena that occur and be able to contribute to the development and development of campuses and Indonesia in the future.

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