Dean of FEB, University of Muhammadiyah (A) Jambi Becomes a Resource Person in a Webinar Activities Organized by APSEP

Jum’at, 17 July 2020 – Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Mr. Hasan Basri, S.E., M.E. Become a resource person in WEBINAR activities organized by the Development Economics Study Program Association (APSEP) Muhammadiyah Higher Education.

This activity is themed “Discussion of Muhammadiyah Higher Education Development Economic Curriculum” broadcast live by Zoom application and Youtube Streaming Economy Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY) and attended by all heads of the Muhammadiyah Aisyiyah Higher Education Development Economics study program in Indonesia.

The number of speakers in this activity 5 Speakers and 1 Our Keynote Speech : 

  • Keynote Speech Prof. Dr. Lincolin Arsyad (Professor of FEB, Gajah Mada University (UGM), Chairman of the PP Muhammadiyah Diktilitbang Council), 
  • Speaker 1 Dr. Imamudin yuliadi (Ka. UMY Economics Program), 
  • Speaker 2 Hasan Basri, S.E., M.E. (Dean of FEB UM Jambi), 
  • Speaker 3 Hendra Kusuma, S.E., M.S.E (Ka. UMM Economic Development Study Program), 
  • Speaker 4 Dr. Prawidya Hariani R.S (Ka. Development Economics Study Program, UMSU), 
  • Speaker 5 Dr. Dini Yuniarti, S.E., M.Si. (Lecturer in Development Economics at UAD).

at this activity Mr. Hasan Basri, S.E., M.E. as a speaker 2 Deliver that “In preparing the curriculum for the Development Economics Study Program which is based on an independent campus, it must be implemented in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the ministry of education and culture., which actually has been practiced by various campuses, only at this time all activities must be counted by SKS”.

The purpose of this activity is to find a curriculum formula that is in accordance with an independent learning campus and to establish friendship and cooperation among the Development Economics Study Program under the auspices of the Muhammadiyah Aisyiyah College..

It is hoped that this activity will establish cooperation in the form of Student and Lecturer exchanges between Muhammadiyah Aisyiyah Universities (PTMA) and the establishment of community service research and KKN together.

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