Support the National Movement 1000 Startup Digital, IBT UM Jambi Together with Kominfo Held a Workshop

UM Jambi- Muhammadiyah Jambi University ( UM Jambi ) through the Business and Technology Incubator ( IBT ) Research institutions and community service ( LPPM ) with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics ( Kominfo ) The Republic of Indonesia held a seminar with the theme ” What is a Startup and Why Should I Join 1000″. The seminar which took place on 14 July 2022 and starts at 14.00 conducted online and followed by the general public including UM Jambi students.

Dr. Nurdin, S.E., M.E., as the Chancellor of UM Jambi as well as a resource person in the activity stated that UM Jambi always supports government programs that aim to educate the nation's life. Program 1000 The Digital Startup initiated by Kominfo is in line with several majors at UM Jambi, such as Informatics and information systems as digital startup designers and developers. This is also in accordance with the vision and mission of UM Jambi to become a campus that gives birth to Entrepreneurs.

Agesha Marsyaf, S.I.Kom., M.M., as the chairman of IBT LPPM UM Jambi and at the same time as a resource person mentioned “Thank you to the Rector of UM Jambi who always provides his support for every activity carried out by the LPPM UM Jambi technology business incubator, and also to kominfo who have trusted UM Jambi as a partnership in activities 1000 Kominfo digital startup because this activity is very useful for the UM Jambi campus, especially for students, according to the tagline of the UM Jambi campus which focuses on the field of entrepreneurship, so that UM Jambi students are not only job seekers but also job creators and also in supporting government programs, namely the independent MBKM program, independent campus learning”

Please note in advance that this workshop is part of the Kominfo program, namely the National Movement 1000 Startup Digital. This program itself is an effort to work together to drive Indonesia's digital startup ecosystem to be interconnected, share knowledge and experience. Program initiated since 2016 This is expected to encourage the creation of startups that are solutions to problems by utilizing digital technology.