Support the Jambi LAZISMU Zakat Program, Jambi UM Signs MoU

UM Jambi- In order to participate in the development of the Zakat Infaq Institution and Shadaqah Muhammadiyah program in Jambi province,( LAZISMU ),  Muhammadiyah Jambi University ( UM Jambi ) together with the provincial LAZISMU management held a meeting. The meeting which took place at 09.00 WIB in the Jambi UM Rector's meeting room attended by the Jambi UM Chancellor, Dr. Nurdin, SE.,ME ,Vice Chancellor two, Dr. Indria Mayesti, SE., ME, Vice Chancellor three,  Drs. Arman Syafaat |, MM., while LAZISMU Jambi province was attended directly by the Chairperson of LAZISMU Jambi province, Ir. Kusnadi Bey, MM., who was accompanied by several members.

Dr. Nurdin, S.E., M.E., The Chancellor of UM Jambi stated "that UM Jambi is the main charity of Muhammadiyah". ( AUM ) will always support the Muhammadiyah organization in carrying out and developing da'wah bill in the midst of society. Not only limited to LAZISMU, but all components of Muhammadiyah da'wah starting from institutions under the banner of the association even up to the Autonomous Organization, we are ready to support," he explained..

Ir. Kusnadi Bey, MM., Head of LAZISMU Jambi province, expressed his gratitude to the Chancellor of UM Jambi and other leaders for being willing to support the Jambi province LAZISMU program. in the future, After this MoU we agree, hopefully the service office will open soon ( KL ) LAZISMU at UM Jambi. Because the presence of this KL can provide benefits to the community, including the academic community and also UM Jambi students.

Events that take place on Thursday, 28 July 2022 marked by the signing of the MoU between Jambi UM and Jambi province LAZISMU by their respective representatives. One of the agreements in the MoU is the establishment of a LAZISMU KL at the Jambi UM Campus which will later serve as a representative of LAZISMU Jambi Province in collecting Zakat from compulsory zakat. ( Muzaki ) which has fulfilled Nisab and the funds will later be distributed to zakat recipients ( Impossible ) in the UM Jambi environment, including Jambi UM students who are indeed in the category Impossible . In addition, the distribution of zakat funds can be distributed to: Impossible through the Scholarship scheme for UM Jambi Students.