S1-Development Economics

Development Economics Study Program
Muhammadiyah Jambi University


“The Development Economics Study Program is an excellent place to produce Islamic economics scholar and Empowercompetitiveness in Jambi Province.”


  1. Implementing Islamic-based Development Economic Education in accordance with the needs of the labor market.
  2. Carry out research and development in the community economy and play a role in increasing Islamic-based human resources.
  3. Implementing and empowerment in the economic sector through community service based on Islam.
  4. Implementing Al-Islam education and kemuhammadiyahan that prioritizes the creation of a true Islamic society.
  5. Carry out collaborative activities with various agencies to develop and improve all programs in the Development Economics study program.ÂÂ


  1. Producing Islamic and Muhammadiyah-minded graduates who are able to design economic designs and implement theoretical frameworks in the development of socio-economic life at the local level, national and global based on Pancasila and the Constitution 1945.
  2. To produce graduates who are systematically able to carry out creative and innovative research in the development of an independent-oriented economic sector.
  3. Producing graduates who are sensitive to community problems in the economic field, as well as being able to contribute to efforts to resolve it.
  4. Producing graduates who are able to implement scientific fields, especially development economics in societies based on Islamic teachings.
  5. Producing graduates who are able to open collaborative networks with various parties in order to create community welfare.