faculty of Economics and Business

faculty of Economics and Business
Muhammadiyah Jambi University


“To be a Faculty that excels in forming professional graduates with an Entrepreneur spirit, Innovative and Creative based on Moral Religion Culture, and Pancasila "


  1. Making Islamic syià ¢ ââ „¢ ar as a platform to think and act in accordance with Islamic values, ke-muhammadiyahan, and Indonesianness.
  2. Implement education in order to form graduates who are progressive and independent as well as have good governance (good governance university).
  3. Produce excellent graduatesÂ, independently, competitive and  entrepreneurial spirit.
  4. Conduct research with the principle of scientific thinking.
  5. Implement community service with the principle of community welfare and well -being


General Purpose of the Faculty Economics and Business University Muhammadiyah JambiÂÂ

  1. Creating Islamic syi'ar as a platform for thinking and acting in formulating educational activities, research and service for the welfare of society based on Islamic values, Muhammadiyahan and Indonesian;
  2. Realizing and strengthening the management of Higher Education that is independent and has good governance (good governance university).
  3. Creating and developing superior learning, competitive, innovative, independently, competitive and entrepreneurial.
  4. Produce research with scientific thinking principles.
  5. Produce devotion to the community with the principle of welfare and well -being of the community.
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Special purpose Faculty of Economics and Business, University Muhammadiyah Jambi is:

  1. Producing graduates who are superior and able to create jobs and have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. Improve the quality of research according to developments in the field of Economics.
  3. Increase devotion to the community in accordance with the welfare for the well -being of the community.
  4. To make graduates as human beings with the soul of Al-Islam Kemuhammadiyahan.