Coat and Logo

Kingster's History

The coat of arms of UM Jambi is composed of :

  1. Shining sun pictures
  2. The word "Muhammadiyah" is written in Arabic letters
  3. Two sentences of creed written in Arabic letters
  4. Rice and cotton painting
  5. The inscription "Muhammadiyah Jambi University"
  6. Five circular flower petals

The meaning of the symbol of UM Jambi as is:

  1. The sun describes the dynamics, vitality, vitality and benefit for the environment.
  2. Muhammadiyah writing in Arabic writing is the name of the association.
  3. The two sentences of shahadah in Arabic writings mean that the society seeks to radiate the light of monotheism which believes that there is no God but Allah and that in fact Prophet Muhammad SAW is the messenger of Allah.
  4. Paddy paintings amount to 19 grain and cotton 12 kuntum describes the year the corporation was founded,as well as a symbol of prosperity and welfare which is the ideals of the Indonesian nation. This symbol also means that UM Jambi educates experts in their fields who are useful for the welfare of the people,nation and country.
  5. The inscription "Universitas Muhammadiyah Jambi" gives the meaning of a Muhammadiyah college located in Jambi City.
  6. Five circular flower petals symbolize UM Jambi's determination to uphold the pillars of Islam. other than that, The flower petals symbolize Pancasila as the philosophical basis of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. The symbol is behind the image of the sun circled by rice and cotton. Among the five flower petals and pictures of rice and cotton are written in a circle Muhammadiyah University of Jambi.
  7. The Muhammadiyah symbol is used as the core of the Jambi UM symbol, which means that Jambi UM is a Muhammadiyah business charity, so that all movements and activities carried out must be in harmony with the khitah, confidence, and the ideals of life of Muhammadiyah.