Management Study Program
Muhammadiyah Jambi University


“Management Study Program To be a superior place to produce graduates who are professional in the field of Management, entrepreneurial spirit, independently, innovative and competitive and Islamic.”


  1. Organizing professional education and teaching in accordance with superior-based management disciplines to ensure the quality of graduates.
  2. Carrying out research and community service oriented in the field of management to improve the quality of life and community welfare.
  3. Organizing Al-Islam kemuhammadiyahan education that prioritizes the creation of a true Islamic society.
  4. Organizing collaborative activities with various agencies to develop and improve management study programs.


  1. Producing graduates who are professional and independent as well as innovative in the field of management science that is oriented towards independence.
  2. Producing research work and dedication in the field of management science that is beneficial for the development of science, the world of business and the welfare of society.