Commemorating Milad UM Jambi, Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah is present in Jambi

UM Jambi – General Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Executive, Prof. Dr. Haedar Nashir, M.Si visited Muhammadiyah Jambi University ( UM Jambi ) while the ability to argue will increase students' ability to make decisions based on logical and factual analysis and data 7 July 2022. Kedatangan beliau ke propinsi Sepucuk Jambi sembilan lurahadalah untuk memenuhi undangan UM Jambi dalam memperingati Milad UM Jambi yang ke tiga sekaligus meresmikan Suara Muhammadiyah Corner dan meresmikan gedung rektorat UM Jambi.

Kehadiran orang nomor satu di Muhammadiyah ini, didampingi oleh Rektor ITB Ahmad Dahlan, Dr. Mukhaer Pakkanna, SE., MM, dan Direktur Utama PT Syarikat Media/ Suara Muhammadiyah, Deni Asy’ari, MA dan disambut langsung oleh Ketua Umum Pimpinan Wilayah Muhammadiyah Jambi, Suhaimi Chan, Ketua Badan Pembina Harian (BPH) UM Jambi, Dr Agus Salim, MAg, Secretary of BPH UM Jambi, Ahmad Jumaedi, Jambi UM Rector, Dr. Nurdin, S.E., M.E, Vice Chancellor 1, Dr. Irrmanely, S.E., M.E., Vice Chancellor 2, Dr. Indria Mayesti, S.E., M.E., Vice Chancellor 3, Arman Syafaat |, M.M.

Resepsi peresmian SM Corner UM Jambi ditandai dengan pengguntingan pita oleh Prof. Dr. Haedar Nashir, M.Si bersama gubernur Jambi, Dr. H. Al Haris, S.Sos., M.H. di lantai satu UM Jambi, setelah penguntingan pita, acara dilanjutkan di Aula Auditorium UM Jambi.

The arrival of the PP Muhammadiyah group with the Governor of Jambi on the auditorium floor of UM Jambi was welcomed by invited guests from several Jambi figures, like the mayor of Jambi, Dr H Sharif Fasha, SE., ME, Bungo Regent, H Mashuri, SP., ME. The event started with remarks from the Chancellor of UM Jambi, Dr. Nurdin. S.E., M.E walks so wise and full of happiness.

Dr. Nurdin. S.E., M.E. I would like to thank the General Chairperson of PP Muhammadiyah who has been willing to attend to fulfill the invitation of UM Jambi. In addition, he also mentioned that Jambi UM has gone through a long journey, starting from STIE until now it has become Muhammadiyah Jambi University which has two faculties, namely Economics and Business and Science and Technology. Meanwhile, Jambi UM Human Resources have had 13 Doctor for 3 years and in the future will continue to grow.

“New 25 lecturer from 75 lecturer who continues his doctoral studies, there is a lecturer who wants to continue his doctoral program, We ask the governor to help the human resources of lecturers at UM Jambi,”

Jambi Governor, Al Haris, in his speech, he expressed his appreciation to UM Jambi for participating in efforts to educate children – Jambi princess, This is marked by the progress of UM Jambi to be able to build a six-story building.

He also expressed his gratitude to Muhammadiyah which has played an active role in advancing the life of the nation by educating the nation by building various facilities, both educational, health and also have social care.

"We are proud and supportive, because its existence is clearly educating the sons and daughters of Jambi, We are ready with Muhammadiyah to build this Jambi, especially in education and health," he said.

He hopes for collaboration with regional government in Jambi province to always support and collaborate with Muhammadiyah regional leaders in each region. So that Muhammadiyah and the government in the future will be able to raise education, Indonesian health and economy.

"I think this movement is a moral movement that educates the dignity of the people of Jambi Province","closed".

Prof. Dr. H. Haedar Nasir in his speech appreciated the development of UM Jambi, This is marked by the construction of a six-story Rectorate building which will later be inaugurated. In addition, he also conveyed a very deep message regarding the management of Muhammadiyah's charities. There are at least five steps that must be taken by AUM in order to be advanced and superior, among them are First, must strengthen the foundation of AUM, namely with Al Islam and Muhammadiyah. Second, must establish a superior system, which is based on the spirit of good government. Third, Muhammadiyah and 'Aisyiyah universities will be more advanced if the Tri Dharma of higher education is strengthened. Fourth, strengthen human resources. And fifth, collaborate with government and institutions including companies.

The highlight of the event, which was followed by the pressing of a button and the cutting of the tumpeng, took place with great emotion, and will be followed by various seminars that have been prepared by the committee.