Strengthening Cooperation between UM Jambi and Pundi Sumatra Foundation to Hold Silaturahim

UM Jambi- Muhammadiyah Jambi University together with the Pundi Sumatra Foundation held a friendship event which took place on Monday 13 June 2022 took place in the meeting room of the Rector of UM Jambi. The event which took place from 09.00 WIB was attended directly by the Chancellor of UM Jambi Dr. Nurdin S.E.,.M.E, Vice Chancellor I Dr. Irmanelly, Vice Chancellor II Dr. Indria Mayesti, Yorina Angguna, Haryo Tantomo, Hendra Kurniawan, while from the Pundi Sumatra Foundation, Dewi Yunita Widiarti represented her (program director) and Dewi Surya Armayani.

UM Jambi and the Pundi Sumatra Foundation have previously carried out MoUs and MoAs in several fields of activity. One of the forms of cooperation is that UM Jambi provides scholarships for two Suku Anak Dalam so that they can continue their undergraduate education at the Forestry Study Program of UM Jambi.. Currently, there are two Suku Anak Dalam who are part of UM Jambi and one of them has even been accepted as a member of the police force at the Jambi Regional Police..

Dewi Yunita Widiarti as program director of the Sumatra Pundi Foundation said that we had an MoU with UM Jambi in several activities and from the MoU student representatives in related study programs, to participate in the training agenda that will be held with the aim of increasing the participation of the younger generation in campaign activities on the issue of conservation and saving wildlife. After attending training, The person concerned will also be facilitated to go into the field so that he can see firsthand the conservation and animal protection activities that our partners have carried out.

In the year 2023 coming, pundi intends to involve the Jambi UM Team to conduct a study of SAD empowerment in cross-regional areas, as one of the reference/recommendation materials in completing the preparation of the SAD empowerment document in the cross-Sumatra region

Through the SAD empowerment program that Pundi Sumatra carried out, hope there will be collaboration with UM Jambi to strengthen economic institutions in the community as well as efforts to improve the quality of SAD processed products

UM Jambi Chancellor Dr. Nurdin S.E.,,ME emphasized that the collaboration between UM Jambi and the Pundi Sumatra Foundation is a strategic collaboration in the field of human resource development. This is in line with the commitment of the University of Muhammadiyah Jambi to participate in the intellectual life of the nation. UM Jambi always tries to be a catalyst in various things, including the empowerment of the Orang Rimba. The Anak Dalam Tribe has the right to education and the right to develop a civilization in accordance with their customs, With education, a civilization can move forward.