Strengthen Synergy, UM Jambi Chancellor Attends the Inauguration of the Head of SMK Muhammadiyah Singkut

UM Jambi- Jambi UM Rector, Dr. Nurdin S.E.,.M.E attended the inauguration of the Head of SMK Muhammadiyah Singkut which was organized by the Educational and Secondary Board of Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership of Jambi Province. Events that take place in the Hall 1 University of Muhammadiyah Jambi takes place on Thursday 9 June 2022 opened directly by the chairman of the PW Muhammadiyah Jambi Education and Education Council, Ir. Asyuzal M.Si. In his speech he said that “the election of Ustadz Agus Muslim Habibullah, S.Psi as the Head of SMK Muhammadiyah Singkut requires a very strict process, of the few candidates who were finally able to pass was him, therefore I congratulate. I also convey several messages that in managing schools we must apply the SMART recipe, namely,

  1. Faithful means that in leading you must be faithful to the provisions set by the DIKDASMEN Council and Regional Leaders.
  2. Maju means that the principal always thinks ahead in his work, ready to pass on progress.
  3. Action means Always take real action as a school promotion, work a lot and talk a lot.
  4. Friendly means that a friendly attitude must be built so that it creates attraction and appeal.
  5. Firm means a strong attitude must exist in the head of the school, truth must be defended

UM Jambi Chancellor Dr. Nurdin on the sidelines of the event mentioned that “This Muhammadiyah is big, has many business charities that support Muhammadiyah da'wah, therefore professional and comprehensive management is needed. So many, let's always synergize between Muhammadiyah Charities so that in the future AUM will be bigger and more optimal in supporting Muhammadiyah da'wah.. Incidentally, this is the inauguration of the head of the Muhammadiyah Vocational School, who knows later students who have graduated from SMK Muhammadiyah can continue their education to UM Jambi, don't worry there are many scholarships. We also provide Rusunawa for student residence”.

Coordinator of the PW Muhammadiyah Jambi Education and Education Council, Akhmat Jumaedi, S.P revealed that the inauguration of Agus Muslim Habibullah, S. Psi as Head of SMK Muhammadiyah Singkut for the second period as a form of PW Muhammadiyah Jambi's trust for the achievements and successful works that have been achieved in the first period. The progress of Muhammadiyah schools/madrasahs is largely determined by the visionary principal, rich in ideas and humanism that makes a quality school. If it is of high quality, it will attract the interest of students to gain knowledge in it. Muhammadiyah schools must be able to become one of the main choices, because in addition to providing knowledge and skills, it is also equipped with Islam which is practiced in life.

The inauguration ceremony which was attended by the Chairperson of PDM Sarolangun and his entourage went smoothly and ended at 11.00.