First Time Accreditation, Jambi UM Information Systems Study Program Achieves Good Accreditation

UM Jambi- Study program ( Study Program ) Jambi Muhammadiyah University Information System ( UM Jambi ) achieve good accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education ( BAN-PT ). BAN-PT after conducting a field assessment on 17 June 2022 and conduct an assessment so as to decide that the Jambi UM Information System study program has the right to bear the title of Good. The decision is contained in the BAN-PT accreditation certificate No. 3891/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/IV/2022.

Jambi UM Rector, Dr. Nurdin, S.E.,M.E., express deep gratitude for obtaining a good predicate for the Information Systems study program. ” I am grateful for this achievement, Thank you to all those who have actively contributed during the accreditation process. With the achievement of a good predicate, it means that all study programs at UM Jambi have been accredited, so that it can be one of the factors to attract people to join UM Jambi. I hope that we can maintain these achievements and even develop them to become more advanced, Moreover, in the future, UM Jambi will also face institutional accreditation, which of course requires more mature preparation and readiness”

Separate place, Deputy Chancellor I UM Jambi, Dr. Irmanelly, S.E., M.E., explained that this achievement is the result of the cooperation of all parties at UM Jambi who have been together from beginning to end, thus obtaining the predicate Good. Although it has not yet earned the title of Excellent, at least we have tried our best so that we get a good predicate. The Good Predicate for the Information Systems study program is an achievement considering that the Information Systems study program has just been established and is conducting the accreditation process for the first time. in the future, I hope to all colleagues at UM Jambi to be harder so that in the future the study programs at UM Jambi get the predicate at least Very Good. Thank you to the Chancellor of UM Jambi who has guided us and to all colleagues – colleagues at UM Jambi thank you, Hopefully what we have done so far is worth worship.

Head of Information Systems Study Program (AND) Oka Ediansa, S. Kom., M.S.I is grateful for the achievements of the Information Systems Study Program, The Kerinci native said: “Alhamdulillah Information Systems Study Program has been Accredited GOOD with the achievement of points as targeted, I was nervous about the Field Assessment process (AL) this, because the IS study program is facing the accreditation process for the first time (Field Assessment) Offline, but Alhamdulillah thanks to the support from the leadership and fellow lecturers and staff at UM Jambi, finally we were able to go through the process with GOOD Accredited results, Once again, I personally and the Information Systems Study Program thank you very much to the leadership and fellow lecturers and staff of UM Jambi, Hopefully what we are doing now brings blessings and benefits to all of us.

Information Systems Study Program is one of the study programs at UM Jambi, new study program established in 2019 This study program is under the auspices of the Faculty of Science and Technology ( Saintek ) with Informatics and Forestry study programs. Study Program with the vision "In the Year" 2024, To become a study program that has competitiveness in the field of analysis and design of an Innovative system based on Islamic values, it has more than 160 students..