Muhammadiyah Jambi Regional Leaders, Aisyiyah Regional Leaders and the Rector of Muhammadiyah University (A) Jambi Participated in the Tanwir Conference held by the Central Leadership (PP) Muhammadiyah

Muhammadiyah Regional Leaders (PWM) Jambi, Leader of Aisyiyah Region (WEIGHT) Jambi along with the Rector of the Muhammadiyah University (A) Jambi Participated in the Tanwir Conference held by the Central Leadership (PP) Muhammadiyah.

This activity was held at the University of Muhammadiyah Jambi through a Video Conference at 07.00 s/d 17.00 WIB.

The Tanwir Session Decision with the theme “Facing Covid-19 and its Impact: Give Solutions to the Country "which was held on Sunday 28 Zulkaidah 1441 H / 19 July 2020 M via video teleconferencing as follows:

  1. Approved the postponement of the 48th Muhammadiyah Congress and the 48th 'Aisyiyah Congress in Surakarta.
  2. 48th Muhammadiyah Congress and 48th 'Aisyiyah Congress in Surakarta
    implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association and Bylaws
    Muhammadiyah in 2022 after the performance of Hajj.
  3. When in the year 2021 the state is completely safe in terms of health and variety
    other aspects, the possibility of holding the annual congress may be opened 2021 with
    consider the pros and cons, and ease of implementation.
  4. All the consequences of delaying the implementation of the congress relating to
    organizational regulations remain valid, including in it the extension of departmental time
    leadership from the center to the branches.
  5. In accordance with their authority, the Muhammadiyah Central Executive follows up on the Tanwir results related to changes in the time of the Congress and the implementation.
    Deliberation under the Congress and other matters related to implementation
    Muhammadiyah congress to 48 and the 48th ‘Aisyiyah Congress.
  6. Regional Deliberations up to Muhammadiyah Subdistrict Deliberations and
    ‘Aisyiyah automatically resigns / postponed which is stipulated by a decree
    Muhammadiyah Central Leadership / Central Leadership'Aisyiyah
  7. Mandated the Muhammadiyah Central Leadership to menanfidzkan and
    led the implementation of the 48th Tanwir Muhammadiyah Decision and the Muktamar
    ‘Aisyiyah is 48 years old 2020 carefully and properly.

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