The Chancellor and the Jambi UM Academic Community Congratulate the Jambi City's Anniversary 76

Today, Tuesday 17 May is a very special day for the city of Jambi. Precious moments that only happen once a year, that is Jambi City's birthday. Right on today, The city which is the political center and economic center in Jambi province has been around for ages 76 year in state administration. But history records that the city of Jambi is old 621 years since this land became a stopover for Princess Selaro Pinang Masak, circling from Mangun Jayo to Tanjung Jabung, guided by a pair of big ducks. (Angso Duo).

Rector of the University of Muhammadiyah Jambi, Dr. Nurdin, hope on the anniversary 76 and the second birthday 621 Jambi city is increasingly becoming a city that is able to shelter all different ethnic groups and knit it into a great force that is able to encourage the progress of Jambi city to become the Land of Select Pesako Betuah that our ancestors coveted.. With the spirit of tolerance and mutual cooperation, let's all the citizens of Jambi city synergize for the progress of this city.

Muhammadiyah Jambi University is an educational institution under the auspices of Muhammadiyah and has a moral obligation to participate in building the city of Jambi and is ready to become a strategic partner for the city of Jambi in building the city of Jambi into the city that Jambi's ancestors dreamed of..

The final word, I am Dr. Nurdin, Chancellor of UM Jambi representing the entire Academic Community of UM Jambi, said: ” Happy Birthday to 621 and Jambi City's th anniversary 76, Let's work together for the Latest Jambi City”