Rector of Muhammadiyah University (A) Jambi was the speaker at the Suku Anak Dalam webinar (SAD) Go To Campus

Educational services are one of the programs that Pundi Sumatra does in empowering the Orang Dalam Tribe community (SAD) in several assisted locations. Not only teaching reading and arithmetic (Calistung) but also facilitate children to access formal school education. In year 2020 this, as much 3 the children have completed education at the high school level and 2 among them intend to continue to the university level. The role of local governments and campuses is of course very important in supporting this situation. It's not just a policy that should be born, but also about the campus' commitment to providing an inclusive educational environment for the SAD community.

To coincide with the National Children's Day Commemoration which falls on the date 23 July 2020, Pundi Sumatera held a webinar talkshow to discuss this in the SAD GOES TO CAMPUS event, by theme "Policies and the Role of the Campus in Organizing Inclusive Education for the Inner Child Tribal Community (SAD)”


  1. Dr. Nurdin, I KNOW, ME (Chancellor of the Muhammadyah University of Jambi)
  2. M Ridwan, SKM, M. PH (Lecturer at the FKIK Jambi University)
  3. H Deddy Irawan, I KNOW, MM (Head of Bappeda Bungo Regency)
  4. Dewi Yunita W. (Program Director of Pundi Sumatera)
  5. Nice Nurhayati (SAD Empowerment Activist)

This webinar is moderated by : Syafrizaldi Jpang @beingindo

The webinar was held on Thursday, 23 July 2020 Punch 09.30 s/d 12.30 WIB through the zoom meeting.

At the end of the statement, the Rector of UM Jambi expressed his hope that he hoped that the prospective students from SAD could study, which was basically how the two SAD people could continue their education in higher education..

During the webinar, Ibu Dewi Yunita W, the Director of the Sumatra Pundi Program, said “I am very grateful to all the committee of this webinar. I hope that it is not only the regional government, Local governments have also experienced more and more changes. We have seen many programs and policies that are more inclusive. We can see from the changes over the years 2011 to this day it has changed a lot, Likewise, many parties have started to care more about this community.
we are outsiders, outsiders that sooner or later we will definitely abandon them, it is impossible for us to live in the inner tribal community, Likewise Pak Nurdin, Mr. Ridwan, Said pak, Nice, so the essence is that this empowerment should make them independent, how can they be alone without us, so don't forget it. So how the companion portion should be the smaller it takes, In fact, we have to bring in local cadres who can take over this process so that the big one is the community, but we have to strategize how slowly we should get out of the zone, hopefully all of us who are present here have the same commitment so we don't mean to spoil them, instead we aim to help them how they can be just as empowered as we can without us doing all this towards a better life”

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