S1-Information Systems


“In the year 2024, become a study program that has competitiveness in the field of analysis and design of an innovative system based on Islamic values”


  1. Carry out quality education and teaching in the field of Information Systems.
  2. Carry out research in the field of information systems to develop system analysis and design.
  3. Carry out community service in the field of information systems to help increase community productivity.
  4. Implementing Al-Islam KeMuhammadiyahaan education so that the creation of a true Islamic society.
  5. Develop partnerships with various parties in society for the application and development of products and services resulting from innovations and creations in the field of Information Systems.


  1. Produce graduates who master the field of Information Systems and are able to analyze problems and provide alternative solutions with the approach of data processing and business science.
  2. Producing scientific work and utilizing appropriate information technology for the community through community service activities.
  3. Have the ability to develop science / technology or continue their studies.
  4. Has a high professional attitude and ethics based on the values ​​of Al-Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan and love of homeland