Muhammadiyah Jambi University is exploring cooperation and friendship with the Jambi Regional Police

Muhammadiyah University (A) Jambi is gathering together as well as exploring cooperation with the Regional Police (POLDA) Jambi.

This activity was carried out at the Jambi POLDA headquarters on March 22 July 2020.

This activity was attended by the Rector of the Muhammadiyah University (A) Jambi along with the ranks, namely the Vice Chancellor 1,2,3,4, Dekan Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis dan Dekan Sains dan Teknologi mengunjungi Polda Jambi disambut hangat dengan Kapolda Jambi bapak Irjen. Pol. Drs. Firman Santyabudi, M.Si. along with the ranks.

in his speech, the rector of UM Jambi, Dr. Nurdin, S.E.,M.E. To thank the Kapolda for accepting our arrival amidst the busyness of the Kapolda. Besides that, he also explained to the Kapolda about UM Jambi, starting from students, prodi, etc..

The purpose of this activity is to establish friendship and discuss what cooperation will be carried out in the future by the Muhammadiyah University of Jambi with the Jambi Police.

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