Vice Rector II of UM Jambi Attends Abiss Peeling Event on Jambi TV

Jum’at, 11  September 2020, Mrs. Indria Mayesti, S.E., M.E, Vice Chancellor II of Muhammadiyah Jambi University attended the Peel Abiss event on Jambi TV as a resource and observer from Muhammadiyah Jambi University

Events airing at 20.00 WIB also presented several other sources who were experts in their fields, that is :

  1. Noviardi Ferzi as Founder of the Regional Political Studies Institute (LKPR)
  2. Dede Kusnadi as an observer from the State Islamic University of STS Jambi
  3. Akmaludin as a Cross-Political Party Leader
  4. Hery Farmansyah as Secretary General of the Jambi Province PWI

"For the candidate pairs, remember the big homework that will wait for whoever is elected as the regional head later. Don't forget that this Pilkada uses people's money, then give the best for the people. 3 The years of the department's tenure were not long, use it for the welfare of the people. We hope a lot as the people of Jambi. Please improve the competence of human resources in Jambi as an effort to advance this country. Hopefully the community can contribute to the success of the elections, and remember to stick to health protocols,"Said the Vice Rector II at the end of the event.

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